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Hiring a bus for the trip

I'm in charge of organising the school camps for our school. It's a lot of work and we have to be sure that our kids are safe, especially while travelling. We don't own a bus as a school, so we hire one from a charter company. The new buses are a lot more comfortable than the ones that we used to go on to get to school camps back in my day. A comfortable bus makes a good start to a memorable part of the school year. This blog is all about hiring buses for school camps and outing and will be useful to school adminstrators.


4 Things You Should Check If Hydraulic Hoses Keep Failing

13 September 2016
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Hydraulic hoses usually last for a long time if they are used under the conditions that they were designed to withstand. However, you may be experiencing frequent hydraulic hose failures in your construction equipment and you don't know what could be causing those failures. This article discusses some of the issues that you should investigate in case you have been experiencing frequent hydraulic hose failures in your construction equipment. The Routing Read More …

Things to consider when booking a limo hire for your wedding

13 September 2016
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There's no bigger day in your life to prepare for, so why not pick the biggest car possible for it? There are a number of good reasons why limousines are chosen for wedding car hire over and over again. They're classy, they're comfortable, they're spacious, they're luxurious and they make you look like absolute royalty when you pull up in one of them. Why you should get a limo hire for your big day is a no-brainer. Read More …

Making Travelling With Kids as Easy as Possible

31 August 2016
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While travelling with kids can be a great way to introduce them to the world and embrace different culture, many parents find that the plane rides to get to overseas destinations can be very tiring. There is no point the relative isolation of Australian cities is more obvious than during a long flight. Here are some tips to making the process of getting to your destination as easy as possible.  Read More …