3 Tips for Partying on Your Birthday When You're on Crutches

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3 Tips for Partying on Your Birthday When You're on Crutches

19 January 2017
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The pain of breaking your leg may have seemed like the worst part at the time, but remembering that your birthday is coming up soon and your leg won't be healed on time can be even more agonising. However, even if you're on crutches, there's no need to stay in and avoid fun on your big day. Here are 3 tips for partying safely and happily on your birthday, even when your broken leg has you hobbling around.

Dress Up Your Cast Too

Whether you're male or female, you'll want to look your best on your birthday. If you're wearing shorts or a dress and you're still in a cast or using a protective boot, there's no reason you can't dress that up too. Casts can be drawn or painted on, while boots can be decorated with press-on jewels, ribbons, and stickers. You may also be able to find a fashionable sock to go over your cast or under your boot. Just remember to avoid any decoration that could interfere with your ability to walk. If you're using a protective boot that you've borrowed from your hospital, remember to stick to easily removable décor and avoid anything that uses glue or strong adhesive. 

Don't Overdo It

If you like to drink, you'll want to do it on your birthday, too. However, if your leg is still healing from its injuries, you'll want to avoid overdoing things. Consistent alcohol intake can interfere with your body's ability to regrow bone and replace bone tissues. It's a good idea to avoid alcohol before and after your birthday, restricting your intake to just one day. As long as you drink responsibly, there shouldn't be any significant effect on your healing process. As an added bonus, it's possible that a small amount of beer could actually help your bones heal. Beer (pale beer in particular) contains an acid form of silicon, which is an essential mineral in bone mass and tissue growth. 

Hire a Party Bus

One of the most difficult parts of your birthday will be the process of getting around. If you love pub crawls and switching from venue to venue, you can quickly get worn out trying to drag yourself around on crutches -- especially if you're drunk. Pub crawl party bus hire can get you around safely on your birthday, allowing you to save your energy for dancing and other fun activities. Your friends will appreciate the vehicle too, particularly as they'll need to dedicate some of their energy to keeping you upright in the bar. A party bus is a fun way to enhance your night and reduce your risk of damaging your leg even further.