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Hiring a bus for the trip

I'm in charge of organising the school camps for our school. It's a lot of work and we have to be sure that our kids are safe, especially while travelling. We don't own a bus as a school, so we hire one from a charter company. The new buses are a lot more comfortable than the ones that we used to go on to get to school camps back in my day. A comfortable bus makes a good start to a memorable part of the school year. This blog is all about hiring buses for school camps and outing and will be useful to school adminstrators.


3 Success Tips for a Start-Up Courier Business

12 June 2018
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Over the last couple of years, courier and delivery service businesses have experienced steady albeit slow growth. Part of the growth can be attributed to competitive package delivery strategies that resonate well with consumers. Therefore, if you are mulling over the decision to start a delivery services business, you need an effective entry strategy to convert business prospects into profitability. This article highlights three success tips for creating a startup courier business. Read More …

4 Signs That You Need a New Transport Management System

26 February 2018
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Are you a commercial farmer who distributes your products to numerous clients? Read on and discover some of the signs that can alert you to the need for transport management system for your shipments. Difficulty in Generating Reports One of the signs that can show you that you need a new transport management system is the difficulties that you find in generating the reports that are required to analyse your operations. Read More …