Top 3 Ways That Wedding Bus Hire Will Add To The Fun On Your Big Day

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Top 3 Ways That Wedding Bus Hire Will Add To The Fun On Your Big Day

10 November 2020
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A limousine or any other luxury vehicle. A horse-drawn carriage. These are the top choices for the couple. This leaves the wedding party and guests to think about. Enter wedding bus hire, and you have the transportation bit all covered, allowing you to rest easy and enjoy the wedding.

As a plus, the wedding bus hire can be fun for everyone on board and not just about moving from one point to another. Here is how.

1. On-Board Entertainment and Refreshments

Make a party out of your ride on your wedding bus hire. These units feature incredible video and audio stereos and systems, and you can play some feel-good music that everyone will enjoy. There should be enough room for anyone who wants to stand up and dance to the beat of the music.

Some companies also offer complimentary drinks and snacks. You may also want to enquire about the company policy on what you are allowed to bring onto the wedding bus hire.

2. A Tour Around Town

Weddings bring family and friends from all over. In the time between the ceremony and the reception, you can treat interested guests to a tour around town. Relatives from out of town will surely love that over having to sit and wait for the reception to start.

This is also an excellent idea if you are having a destination wedding. Most of your guests, if not all, will be excited at the prospects of exploring the sights and sounds of your chosen destination. As such you may want to go for a larger wedding bus or hire more buses.

For the best experience, consider including a professional tour guide to your wedding bus hire package.

3. Great Wedding Photos

Spruce up your wedding bus hire with custom decorations including banners, balloons and flowers to match the theme of the wedding or any other style. You will have a perfect background for your wedding pictures. It works both ways, as you can take photos inside and outside the bus. Everyone can be as silly and goofy as they want as you create beautiful memories and capture these moments that will last a lifetime.

Think beyond the mere transportation logistics when you think of wedding bus hire. As outlined, it can be a fun experience, not to mention the other benefits of mass transportation, including the fact that it is cheaper and more friendly to the environment.