3 Reasons to Buy a Lawnmower Trailer For Your Gardening Business

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3 Reasons to Buy a Lawnmower Trailer For Your Gardening Business

6 May 2019
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If you've recently started a gardening or landscaping business, then you'll be building up a set of machines and tools to help you on your jobs. You may have got to the stage where you can't transport everything with you all the time so you may have decided to buy a trailer to carry your equipment.

While an open trailer will give you the space you need, it may be better to look at a specialist trailer that fits your type of business. For example, a lawnmowing trailer may work better for you. What are the advantages?

1. Organised Space

If you store your tools and mowers on an open trailer, you may have to spend time organising your load to make sure that it is evenly distributed and that everything fits in. While this may work, it may make your life harder.

For example, you may have to dig around to find smaller tools that get mixed up among bigger pieces of equipment. You may have to empty most of the trailer to get to something at the back.

A lawnmower trailer is built around specific storage areas. So, one part of the trailer holds bigger equipment like your mower, and the rest of your tools go in the other parts of the trailer. This may help you organise your tools more effectively.

2. More Security

While you can tie down expensive tools and machines on an open trailer, they aren't necessarily all that safe. If the trailer is open, anyone can see what is in there. If you're not around, someone could steal expensive tools or machines.

If you buy a lawnmower trailer with boxed-in storage, your stuff gets better protection. If the trailer has solid sides, people can't see what is in there. Locks also make your mowers and tools more secure.

3. Better Weather Protection

Some of the tools and equipment you use may get damaged in bad weather. For example, tools may rust if they get wet a lot; water that gets into mowers may cause some damage.

While you can use a cover or tarp on an open trailer, this may not be watertight. If you buy a boxed-in lawnmower trailer with a roof and solid sides, then you can keep your equipment dry even in a downpour.

Keep in mind that lawnmower trailers don't have to add excess weight to your vehicle. Trailers made from aluminium are relatively lightweight, so they won't add much extra strain. To find out more, talk to a supplier of tradesman trailers.