Making Travelling With Kids as Easy as Possible

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I'm in charge of organising the school camps for our school. It's a lot of work and we have to be sure that our kids are safe, especially while travelling. We don't own a bus as a school, so we hire one from a charter company. The new buses are a lot more comfortable than the ones that we used to go on to get to school camps back in my day. A comfortable bus makes a good start to a memorable part of the school year. This blog is all about hiring buses for school camps and outing and will be useful to school adminstrators.


Making Travelling With Kids as Easy as Possible

31 August 2016
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While travelling with kids can be a great way to introduce them to the world and embrace different culture, many parents find that the plane rides to get to overseas destinations can be very tiring. There is no point the relative isolation of Australian cities is more obvious than during a long flight. Here are some tips to making the process of getting to your destination as easy as possible. 

Space the entertainment

If you have a long trip ahead of you it's a good idea to make the entertainment last. Have a range of options from handheld electronic devices. colouring books and new toys available and bring out a new toy every 30 mins or so to keep things interesting. If you give the kids everything at the start of the flight it can be boring by the end of the flight and you won't have any new options to distract them. Spacing out the entertainment gives you some options to help calm a bored or cranky kid. 

Pack lots of snacks

While you might have ordered a child's meal for the flight, if your child decides that the meal looks 'yucky' and they don't want to eat it you can be stick with a grumpy and hungry child for a few hours. It can be a good idea to pack some small snack packs of easy to eat snacks to keep the kids full of food in can they don't like the inflight meal options. You can always delve into them too, if you get a bit hungry!

Book an airport transfer

Managing the flight and juggling the luggage with a child is hard enough. You can make things easier by organising an airport transfer at each end so that you can be dropped off at the front gate of the airport and be picked up as you disembark. That way you can snooze to and from the airport and don't need to worry about finding the taxi ranks or ensuring that you have the right local money for a train or bus. You can organise the transfer from home and know that you are set from door to door. 

Travelling with kids can be challenging at times, but it can be a great way to help you see the world through new eyes by seeing how your children explore the new destination. Preparing snacks, entertainment and airport transfers at each end can help make the trip less stressful for everyone.